The Rusty Rail Rodeo Jam

Skateboarding The Rusty Rail Rodeo Jam Voss aktivitetspark Fri 28.06 at 14:00 Sign up


Time and date

Kl.1400, Friday 28th June 22.06.2024  



Description of the event/competition concept

Get ready for a ride like never before as we resurrect the classic Extremesportsveko event with "The Rusty Rail Rodeo Longest Rail Jam"! This is not just a competition; it's a journey into the heart of skateboarding history.

Event Concept: Rails of the Past, Tricks of the Present

Set against the backdrop of old train tracks down the hill near the skate park, this jam format competition is a tribute to the essence of skateboarding. Picture fat and low train tracks, ready to be conquered with your best tricks. Grind or slide the longest to clinch the coveted prizes. The rail lengths evolve as the competition progresses, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement.

World Record Aspirations

We're not just here to ride the rails; we're here to break records! "The Rusty Rail Rodeo" is working towards a world record – the longest board slide on a skateboard. Join us in this epic quest to etch our names in the skateboarding history books (Check out the current record: Guinness World Records).

Every Skater Welcome - Easy Boardslides, Big Thrills

Every skater is encouraged to enter! The train tracks are fat, low, and perfect for getting those boardslide's going. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your skate journey, this is your chance to carve your mark on the tracks and be part of a historic event.


As you embark on this rail-riding adventure, know that prizes await the bold and skillful. The exact details? Well, that's part of the suspense – keep your eyes peeled for announcements!


Meeting point 

Aktivitietspark Voss - The heart of the action, where history meets the present. Mark your calendars, register, and bring your A-game to "The Rusty Rail Rodeo Longest Rail Jam." Let's ride the rails, break records, and create memories that will echo through the skateboarding community! 🚂🤘

Registration/Sign Up 

Registration opens: 15th of March
Registration closes: 22nd of June