Heliday - Lønahorgi

Speedflying Heliday - Lønahorgi Saue camping Wed 26.06 at 07:00 Sign up



Helicopter lifts to the top of Lønahorgi, one of the highest mountains in the Voss area and a perfect mountain for speed flying. This is a highlight for most speed-flying pilots during Ekstremsportveko.



Possible to launch, but it doesn’t hurt to bring your skies for super easy launches and some quality speedriding. We will keep the helicopter going as long as the conditions are with us and people keep filling up the lifts.

Note: When you sign up for this event you will be designated the first available slot to the helicopter. First man to the sawmill! Please sign up at the same time as your friends to be on the same load. If the load is full you will be put on the next load. This will be updated manually by vekostaff here: (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/125yLkBXrhZiOHm58Vx4PB-i7s9nYh3aT0F_H5JNViKY/edit?usp=sharing).

Optimum wind direction: Southeast



Norwegian pilots: SPG2 with footlaunching course.

Foreign pilots: Valid license, 3rd party insurance, and experience with footlaunching.



  • Normal flying gear
  • Skies if you prefer ski start



To make sure that you are guaranteed a spot for the heli, you need to sign up and pay the registration fee of 100 NOK.

In addition, you must also pay for the heliloads. Bring your card/phone (pay online) along with you on the heli-day because you must pay for each additional load at the landing area. 

The planned day of The Helicopterride to lønahorgi can change quickly because this activity is weather-dependent. Then you will get informed. 

Registrations/Sign up

Registration opens: 15th of March

Registration closes: 22nd of June