Vossakrigar competition

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The obstacle course will take place at Præstegardslandet, down-town Voss, around the festival tent area and Vangsvatnet. The course will be both on dry land and in water. Many roaring and cheering fans can watch the event and cheer on their favorite athlete.

The athletes will start on the signal at the start area, follow the course and undergo the obstacles in the given order. Each obstacle must be cleared. They have two obligatory attempts and one on top of that to succeed. If the athlete fails all their attempts, they will continue the race with time penalty added to their finish time.

In case you fail the standard of the obstacle, the judge (Veko volunteer) will inform you. All athletes must meet the standards and respect the judges. A qualifying time will be a sum of the running time from start to finish plus penalties if failing one or more obstacles.

The course will be introduced to the athletes at the pre-race meeting. The course will test the athlete's agility and ability to adapt. Therefore, there will be no test runs. Athletes can observe the obstacles but are not allowed to try them, in case of violation of this rule, the athlete will be disqualified.

Qualifying rounds will be one on one – that means two athletes on the track at the same time. All athletes will take part in the qualification course. Athletes with the best time will proceed to the final event. Time is the essence, so hurry up and earn your place in the finals and chance to become the new Vossakrigar. The number of athletes proceeding to the finals will be reviled on the pre-race meeting on the day of the competition.

Final rounds will be one on one – that means two athletes on the track at the same time. But time is the essence. Only those with the best time will make it and become the 2020 Vossakrigar champion.

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Festival tent arena
GPS coordinates: 60°37'36.9"N 6°25'02.1"E

Registration opens: Kl.10.00, Monday 01.06.2020
Registration closes: Kl.12.00, Thursday 25.06.2020